My favourite villain of all time.

May 6, 2011 at 3:56 pm (Uncategorized)

A person is convincingly evil when he can dress like a beautiful clown and still give people chills down their spines. I am talking about Kafka of course. He is the antagonist in Final Fantasy 6 and he is by far the most wicked, disturbed and unique villain I’ve seen and I’ve seen plenty!

“Due to Kefka’s mental decline, he is demoted from the position of prime minister. The collapse occurs at the start of the 3rd imperial campaign. Kefka loses all good sensation in his body, and forgets his fondest memories, leaving with him only memories of his childhood abuse.

Kefka begins to play with dolls, and his behavior becomes increasingly eccentric; he begins to adorn himself with garish robes, and feminine embellishments, and his speech patterns and behavior change appropriately. He becomes increasingly more violent, and has fits of anger, where he uses his magical abilities to attack soldiers who make fun of him. He gradually becomes the most feared man in the empire, a man who only finds beauty in death and destruction.”

Who would ever want to make fun of someone you know is strong as strong can be and plays with dolls in garish robes? You know that he has several screws loose and might go postal on your body if you do. Kefka is truly one of a kind and not many villains have managed to pull off the crazy like he has done.


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