Who am I?

As you can see from the picture, I am a human from the male gender. I like things big and small, I like to rant, I like to do any activity that could be considered “geeky”. But am I a geek? Some would say yes, I on the other hand would say, Surely.

I live in the capital of sweden, temporarily. The plans are to make my escape with a sharp spoon later next year but for now, I will be sitting in my chair, blogging in my blogg, and keep on breathing and living.

A profile is never complete without stats!
My name is Farzan Zand. I was born in 1986 and I sure do like the taste of sarcasm in the morning.




  1. Sorush said,

    HEy bro, nice blogg! keep it updated or ill spank yous ass!

  2. farzanzand said,

    Thanks mate! I’ll keep it up and running and if I don’t, you know where I live. 🙂

  3. readlistenspeakwrite said,

    we now where you live? right. anyway nice output…entertaining. have a wonderful day.

  4. farzanzand said,

    Thank you, I am glad you liked it.

    Cheers. 🙂

  5. Archangel said,

    Right outta the gate, I’m intrigued. Looks like this promises to be an interesting blog.

    Adding to Faves…NOW.


    “This IS a TASTY burger!” lol

  6. farzanzand said,

    That made me smile, thank you angel. 🙂 I am truly glad to have you onboard!

  7. Josefin said,

    Ska börja läsa din blogg kära vän.. the more you know…!

  8. Farzan Zand said,

    Hahaha, the more you know indeed. 🙂 Det vore riktigt kul faktiskt, hoppas du hittar något intressant. Cheers dear friend. 😉

  9. Preet Gill said,

    Hi Farzan,

    I googled for the picture of the vulcan salute “live long and prosper” and came upon your blog.. You have an intriguing mind.. The reason I say this is your poem titled “Muse”.. I teach high school English & recently finished teaching “The Giver” an awesome novel by Lois Lowry.. The main character Jonas’ feelings for the female character Fiona are very much reflected in your poem “Muse.” So if you’d give permission, may I please share your poem with my English 8 students?? I’d really appreciate it :o)



  10. Preet Gill said,

    BTW.. It would be quite rude if I were to leave without introducing myself.. I am Preet from Vancouver, Canada.. Keep writing for I surely will return to read :).. Salaam

  11. Farzan Zand said,

    Hello Preet! Welcome to my humble nest tucked away somewhere in the internet. I must say, what you just said really made my night and actually made me blush, which is a hard thing to do! Maybe “the giver” is a book I should pick up myself and read, you sure made me curious.

    Preet, from Vancouver, I am glad you liked my poem and you are free to use it any way you wish. 🙂


  12. phoenixxrising said,

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share your work with my students.. I shall read it to them tomorrow and see if they also make the connection that I made.. Yes, I highly recommend “The Giver.” It’s a thin book and a quick read, I hope you’ll read it.. Keep Well and Keep on Writing..

  13. phoenixxrising said,

    Ohh and I invite to join my Phoenix Flights @ http://phoenixxrising.wordpress.com

  14. JiggsKacey said,

    What IS up with Aliens…

  15. Farzan Zand said,

    Ask, and you shall receive.

  16. Dewey Decibel said,

    This is what’s up with Aliens –

  17. Dewey Decibel said,

  18. JiggsKacey said,

    Oh Chariot, I’m singing out lot….
    No! My mind has been infested by Gavin! Blast you!

    Why DO we say hello Mr. Hermit…

    I hate chocolate covered cherries -_-

  19. Farzan Zand said,

    Thanks for the link Dewey! It will be what I’ll be spending my time on tonight.

    Some quick googling helped me find Gavin and the song chariot. I Like!!! Time to load my mp3 with some more music. Chocolate covered cherries sounds great, all though so does anything else covered in chocolate. Chocolate covered meat even.

    Haha, you are like my puppeteer. Yes Master.

  20. JiggsKacey said,

    Ewww….Chocolate covered meat…I would have to pick the chocolate off of it…then feed it to one of my friends and if they didn’t vomit I would eat the rest!

    Bow down puppet! Lol just kidding. I’m not very good at giving orders…or maybe people aren’t very good at taking my orders. I mean if I asked you to jump off a bridge through six hoops of fire and into a lake of jell-o….I don’t see a problem with that…But all I get is hate mail -sighs- Now I want some pudding.

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