Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’

February 5, 2010 at 2:11 pm (Ravings)

prepare yourselves for the biggest cliché you’ve heard in quite some time. Brace yourselves cause here it comes. “Life is to short.” That’s right, I said it cause it had to be said. Everyone has dreams, some are stranger than others. For instance, a friend of mine dreams of fighting huge spiders with friends, which I feel is unlikely.  but most are atleast humanly possible and these are the dreams you should hang on to. Ten years from now, would you be happy with the lifestyle you are going towards at the moment or would you like to live a different life?

People talk alot of what they want to do but they never actually do it. Most people spend their lives in the same location doing the same thing they have done since puberty, secretly wishing they lived someone elses life. Some are completely happy with this lifestyle and if so, this post is not for you. I just want to say that instead of dreaming of moving to California and working with the career of your choice, give it a try and see what happens. Worst comes to worst, you end up right where you have started. But you will always be an experience richer and you would no longer ask yourself the question “What if”.



  1. Nilla said,

    Life IS short, but it’s a helluva lot longer than it used to be…what fun is it having dreams that are actually doable? 😛

    (I dream of…. fightin next to Sam and Dean.. but i’ll settle for just being near them. Haha.)

  2. farzanzand said,

    Haha that is true but on the other hand, you had fewer options in the old days. Do I become a farmer? Or a solder, or a farmer? or a blacksmith, or a farmer. They had limited travel options to. 🙂 Times have changed dear Nilla!

  3. Nilla said,

    exactly! that’s what’s holdin ppl back!
    aren’t we the “undecisive generation”? I know I am… >___<
    so many options that we just go apathetic (yes, you heard me. Apathic+pathetic) and resort to sittin in front of our laptops watchin anything and nothin.


  4. farzanzand said,

    Nice touch, haha. That is exactly what I am ranting about. We are the undecisive generation that never do what we want to do, we just sit there rolling our thumbs around cause we can’t decide what to do next. That’s why people just do the same thing they have done since it all started.

    … inconceivable!

  5. Ilya said,

    Trying is failing with honor.

  6. farzanzand said,

    Exactly. If you haven’t tried, you have already failed and you won’t be happy with yourself. Since I know you personally in real life, I know for a fact that you always give it your all. Cheers on that.

  7. Anna said,

    um, did you two just quote Princess Bride?


    As for your rant, farzan, amen! I gave the same rant to my 32 year old computer programmer cousin for almost three years, and guess what?? He quit his job last month and in four days he leaves for Ecuador and all points beyond!
    So keep it up! you never know who you’ll have an effect on 🙂

  8. Nilla said,

    We did, but Farzan hasn’t seen it yet so that was prob unconsciously..

    take a hint F *cough* ;P

  9. Farzan Zand said,

    I sure hope your cousin finds what makes him happy, and I think you had something to do with his choice. Who knows, without you, he might have never left.

    Yes, we did quote the princess bride.
    Alas, I have seen it. it was suprisingly good and it had one of the best dialogue in quite some time. Now then!

    “Sleep well, good work, i’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

  10. Anonymous said,

    fin ros

  11. Farzan Zand said,

    Man tackar, jag gillar själv bilden väldigt mycket.

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