Be friendly, but mean it.

December 30, 2009 at 6:47 pm (Ravings)

Those that know me know that I smile a substantial amount of my conscious time, and  and that I am an easy going hakuna matata kind of guy. Even so, there is one social rule that bothers me. The forced hello given by people  who don’t even know your name. I sure do enjoy meeting people that I care for, or cared for in the past in the streets. But if you are a former colleague who worked in the same workplace ages ago, but one I never spoke to besides the occasional hello in the hallways, don’t feel forced to give me that insincere smile and greeting five years later, because I don’t. If you on the other hand actually were happy to see an old colleague, come forward! I would love to speak with you as long as you were sincere about it.

People are so worried about what others might think that they sometimes forget that they in reality don’t actually care either. The social mask worn by most is only a burden to bear only if you let it be one. Be kind, open and friendly to others. But only if you really want to, otherwise it will just come out the wrong way and just make your self feel uncomfortable.


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