Why do aliens always observe me in my sleep?

December 13, 2009 at 7:07 pm (This is my life)

My biggest phobia from my younger days was my fear of aliens. While most kids were afraid of the boogie man, i was afraid of being abducted from my bed for more years than I care to tell. I was even afraid to look at the window because of this phobia, since it felt like an alien was observing me in my sleep. The type of alien that manages to hide the moment you look at it, now isn’t that convenient? Luckily, my fear transformed to fascination as I grew, which is why I am such a science fiction nut. Heck, I’ve even had a dream in which I was the captain of my own battlestar, now how cool is that?!

Well, the big question is… Does life exist, or has it ever existed on other planets? I would say most certainly. But if such life was advanced enough to surpass the speed of light, come to our planet and then probe cows and rednecks in the bum is a whole other question. First of all, if you are advanced enough to travel through space and time at such velocity, and you also manage to find other species, which might not be intelligent by comparison, but intelligent enough to exchange knowledge and history. Wouldn’t you eventually make an appearance and actually communicate with said species? Why hide in the dark for 2000 years and abduct cows when you can go to the nearest star bucks and explore first hand. I mean, they did travel across the universe for more than bovine creatures.

Now, statistics never lie. These are all estimations, but it is said to be over 400 billion stars (suns) in our galaxy alone. Each sun has the possibility of having several planets orbiting it. Now that is a huge amount of planets and that’s just in the milky way! Now add the hundreds of billions of estimated galaxies in the universe and that number becomes higher than the human mind can comprehend. Imagine 10^21 (That is a 1 with 21 zeros following it) amount of planets. It is hard, isn’t it? With a near endless amount of planets through an endless time line. Is it not naive to think that earth is the only planet that had the right distance from its sun and the right atmosphere that could sustain life? Heck, there is even a chance that there is a planet just like earth considering the amount of planets there are.

I will follow up and write aliens 2.0. some other time. But let’s end today’s post with an alien dream that scared me the most. Me and my friends were having a dinner around a big table and my mates were all reminiscing on the past weeks events, talking about them as if I was with part of those events. Unfortunately, I remembered no such events taking place, but the stories from my mates continued. When they realized that I did not accept their stories as fact, an alien voice said “he needs more drugs”. At that point, I woke up in my bed only to see and feel an alien hand grabbing my shoulder and slowly pushing a needle into my neck. Good times!

I wish I had a battlestar.



  1. JiggsKacey said,

    Oh wow that’s a freaky dream! I have goosebumps!

    I’ve never really had a fear of aliens. I thought if there were life on other planets, then it would be plant life. Unlike most believers, I like to think that maybe, just MAYBE we might be more intelligent than anything we find among the stars. Why is it always said that Aliens are so superior? When we DO find them, I’m thinking that it would resemble something from the back swamps of Louisiana.

  2. Farzan Zand said,

    Haha, cheers mate! That’s one of the wisest thing i have heard all day. There are millions of species on this planet and only one could be considered highly intelligent. The chances are great that the only life you find is plant life and I agree with you on this point, especially since life outside earth does not equal extreme intelligence. Even if this may be true, I sure hope that we find something interesting in our life time, even if it only resembles the back swamps of Louisiana.

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