Back with a vengeance!

November 15, 2009 at 10:55 pm (This is my life)

It is time to take this blog of mine from the barracks and put it back in the front lines! I want to say that my absence is due to me being busy saving the world and that inspiration does not come easy, but that would just be a bold lie. Bold I say! The truth is not even half as interesting though because the real reason is that I have just been lazy. Lazy like a retired bartender in Jamaica. But times have changed, lot’s of things have happened and will continue to happen, and the deranged part of my brain is still royally deranged. I have many updates and ravings in my head just trying to claw themselves out and I will release them slowly, once every two weeks at least. (Commercial mode // On) For starters…These are some appetizers of what the future holds!

What the hell is up with aliens?
Why do we even bother saying hello?
Where’s Waldo?
Is mixing dangerous and poisonous chemicals fun at all?  (yes it is… Extremely!)
What can be said about puppeteers?
Movie reviews, music from the past and random books as well!
Moments from my life of course. It is my blog after all.
(Commercial mode // Off)

By the way, here’s Waldo. Disclaimer: (People under the age of 20 will not understand this reference, so please be kind and bite my shiny metal ass) Disclaimer II: (People that have not watched futurama will not understand the shiny metal ass reference, so please be kind and just bite me).




  1. sorush said,

    haha wow, keep up the aggressiveness towards your readers like this. I hear when people are told how dumb they are, they tend to keep coming back for more:) haha

  2. Farzan Zand said,

    Hahahah 🙂 Mate, that is how I roll. Ya dig? You got to play hard to get if ya want them to follow ya to da hood.


  3. D'oh said,

    You know.. they still make Where’s Waldo books.. oh no, someone born after 1990 will get your reference! =O

    Värsta timingen jag har som kollar här precis när du har uppdaterat. =P

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