With a PhD in Awesomeness

July 9, 2009 at 2:11 pm (This is my life)

“enter Mr. drama” //

24 hours until the results:
There is not much time left and I can’t take it no more. My nerves are shaking and and even the walls seems to close in on me. It feels like they plan on swallowing me whole and at this rate, they might just succeed.

12 hours until the results:
Sleep is for the weak. I lie here staring at the emptiness of my screen. Wishing, hoping to find any kind of distraction to take my mind of what it is yet to come. But nothing seems to work.

1 hour until the results:
My mind needs to rest, but I must stay strong and hold on because soon the answer will be clear to me. Did I make it or will I take a swift blow to the neck instead. At this phase, I’m not sure which I would prefer.

The results:
Oh sweet juices of success! I thank you for giving me what I’ve craved for all this time and to celebrate, we shall feast!

End Dr. drama: //

Ok, to be honest. I slept like a baby and I must have spent 12 hours lying in my bed. But that’s hard to be dramatic about. “Ooh, the beds softness echoes in my soul, ooh”.
Basically, eight years from now I’ll have my own PhD in medicine because I managed to get into “Biomedicinprogrammet” in KI. So I’ll be having fun, no doubt!

Whenever a disease plans to ravage our community, I’ll be there.
If a virus tries to spread pain and terror among our friends, I’ll be there.
If red hot chili peppers has another concert in Sweden, you betcha! I’ll be there!




  1. Laura said,

    Men inte Muse =O?

  2. Jody Schmidt said,

    You have probably sought out your kinfolk already, but I have always liked the idea of a crazy hermit since the days of The Keep on the Borderland, a Basic Dungeons and Dragons module from the 1970s, and its mad hermit NPC. You are a fascinating type!

    Some kinfolk for you:



    Pretty interesting stuff.


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