“The best of us can find happiness in misery”

June 14, 2009 at 3:43 pm (Ravings)

You know by now what my views on life are and that I do try to live as I teach. But certain periods in life are harder than others and it might be a hard thing to do just that. You may also feel like crashing and burning instead. Regardless, nothing is impossible as long as you have good faith in your own existence. If you keep your head forward and try to live in the moment, you will find yourself feeling stronger than if you look to the past. Some decisions in life will affect you, physically and emotionally and if you don’t feel them, you don’t have the heart necessary to make the best of every situation that may come up in the future. It is humbling to know that every person alive feels pain sometimes, but what that person does with that feeling differs greatly.

Stay focused and use whatever means necessary to carry through rough situations. Do not sit and think of them as the end of the world, because they rarely are and the sooner you come to realize that, the faster you will be back on your feet. My lesson to you today is the following. You must let yourself feel the weight of the world but at the same time, you must never let it weigh you down. You must stay strong.

In the end we are only human.



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  1. earthwindandliars said,

    Amen to that!

    Man väljer själv vad man vill göra med sina erfarenheter, true true. Det mesta går väl att vända till en styrka för allt går att lära sig från. Man måste bara ha balls nog att våga tycka att allt suger och sedan ta tillfället i akt att förändras av sina erfarenheter. And if all else fails finns alltid vänner som kan låna ut lite stamina under tiden man behöver det.

    Farzan…du och jag borde vara med i scrubs. Vi skulle äga JD i slice of life filosofi.

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