It feels good to be free.

June 12, 2009 at 5:08 pm (This is my life)

First year of school is over and only eight more to go! My tests are all finished and passed, which means that I can lay back and relax for the next two months. To celebrate, I figured I would bring an oldie but goldie to the blog, a message I sent to half the people I know with my phone just to say that I’ve passed. (Do not expect shakespeare. It is a five-minute poem written in haste, but with joy!)

I call this one… Yay!

Life is good, life is great
my name is farzan, it must be fate
I passed the test with a gleefull smile
I kicked it’s ass with skill and guile
With a nervous stare I looked in my mail
It told me a story, it told of a tale
The battle is over and the test is dead
Stabbed in the chest with a piece of bread

It feels good to be free


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