“They call me Mr. Random.”

May 11, 2009 at 2:58 pm (This is my life)

Chop me, clone me, or pump my veins full with caffeine! The more you learn, the more you realize that you know nothing at all and that fact becomes more clear to me with every passing year. Knowledge is something beautiful!

I want to explore the human body both sensually and academically.
I want to write more poetry and explore the English language.
I want to work harder on mastering the piano, guitar and eventually the violin.
I want to read more books by different authors instead of those I know I love.
I want to finish my old favorite role-playing games and get that nostalgic feeling.
I want to learn how to sing and dance, master my voice and body as an instrument.
I want to travel to London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York, Paris and even Barcelona.
I want to be a master mathematician and solve puzzles in the blink of an eye.
I want to go back to practicing muay thai regularly.
I want to create my own lab at home, if I do not manage to get a key to my schools lab.
I want to see every episode of Stargate again and go through Star Trek.

My to-do list might be long, but I am picking them off one by one and you are free to join me on my quest if you feel that you share a common goal. Who knows what dragons we might slay if we put down some effort and actually try! A few years back, I heard a latin phrase that said just that. “Per aspera ad astra”  which meas “through hardships towards the stars.”

But personally, I prefer a different approach. Baldurs gate is a magnificent role playing game and my favorite character is a crazy rodent-loving ranger named Minsc. He is a true character who has a rodent named Boo as his best friend. Our dear friend Minsc said it best when he said “Go for the eyes Boo, go for the eyes!”So people, listen to his wisdom and always go for the eyes, just like the rodent does.

… They call me Mr. Random.



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