April 4, 2009 at 2:00 pm (Poetry, This is my life)

O splendid muse to mine own heart so dear
whose charm and wit would would haunt me still
My greatest wish is to haveth you near
and keep you warm and away from chill

You’re flowing red hair reflects your heart
your smile, your warmth and role
I shall touch and feel every part
of my muse, her body, mind and soul

thou ask me why I find you rare
an answer no poem can tell
yet thine presence enthralls the very air
as if caught in a mighty wizards spell

yet there are to few words to describe my muse
and no art or melody will do
but of all the world it’s you I choose
I want, I need to hold true

By: Farzan Zand



1 Comment

  1. JiggsKacey said,

    Wow your really good. Write another one!

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