The mind at work

March 12, 2009 at 3:27 am (This is my life)

It’s four in the morning right now and my bed has never seemed softer. But I cannot, and will not yield to one of the many delightful human weaknesses, also known as sleep. To be fair, I love to sleep and dream. It is actually one of the many things I look forward to at night. But then again, the reason we love it so much is because we need it. If our bodies never ever got tired and sleep was just something people did just for fun, i bet that we wouldn’t sleep half as much, or at all even. We would just come up with some other way to be able to dream without having to lay down for 8-10 hours.

I finished an exam and wanted to enter something I like to refer to ass “Coma-Mode”. Basically, you spend your entire week spending as much energy as your average rock, and the lord saw it, and said that it was good. My week is now almost up and I have to do things that require energy again but there is always other days suitable to enter a self-induced coma.

I’ll end this night with a quote from one of my dear friends. “Sleeping is believing.”




  1. Clone Nr.2 said,

    That is the stupidest (est est est!) thing I’ve ever heard. Ludacris! Inconceivable! …well, you get the picture.

    Humans use such a small percentage of our brains, do you really think that we’d make use of the whole 24 hrs if given the chance?.. I dont. The people who would, they’re already spending every waking hour on their work.

    Besides, do you/others HAVE to watch your sci fi/shows? Does it fulfill some sort of human need? No, but still there you are.. with marathons and what-nots.
    The ultimate argument?

    The existence of Trekkies.

  2. Farzan Zand said,

    Really? you’ve known me for how many years? I must have said many worse things. 🙂 Inconveivable! Who said anything about spending the extra time on useful acts? More time = more time for Coma-Mode!

    And yes, we HAVE to watch them. Our hearts implode otherwise. It’s a prescription written by our beloved friend Spock!

  3. Clone Nr.2 said,

    well.. its up there.. =P

    Im just saying, even if we didnt have to sleep.. if we still got the same satisfaction from sleeping.. we’d sleep all day anyways. ^^

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