Farzan Timewalker, the time traveling Timelord

February 19, 2009 at 7:56 pm (Ravings)

If the sun picked up a hat, started dancing and decided to explode like a big piñata while we looked towards its direction, we would not know it for quite some time because it would take the light 8,31 minutes to travel the distance and actually show us the beautiful, yet deadly show. If the sun did happen to explode in front of us, my first thought would be “Wow, that actually happened 8 minutes ago”. Followed closely by “oh crap”, and then death. But that’s not the point of my ravings. Even at our level, the light needs time to travel from the computer screen to your eyes even though the distance is minimal and nearly instanteneous. The keayword here is nearly. This actually means that no matter how hard you try, you can never see the present. Every event that you see with your eyes has been, and will always be in the past. It has already happened and that basically means that you live in your own world. Only a fraction of a second i can’t even imagine, behind the actual events of the true world, the present world.

 Here is another thought for you… If our senses were so evolved that we could actually follow the light as it moved and if the light moved in a slower pace, you would actually “feel” the snowball hit you straight in the face before you saw it leave the throwers hands. Now try dodging that one! Boxing would have an entirely new meaning. It would basically be a game of guessing, with fists.

So here I am… Farzan Timewalker. Fear me and my powerful sight of the not so distant past.




  1. earthwindandliars said,

    Mindblowing sh*t. Suck on this: If we by convenience are calling past times the present; where does the line go? Has anyone actually measured the difference between the point of time that is the actual present and the point of time that separates the past and the past we see as the present?

    And just thinking about the snowball makes me dizzy….

  2. Clone Nr.2 said,

    … Who’s holding the stick???

  3. Farzan Zand said,

    Hahaha 🙂 The measured difference is actually the time it takes for the light to go from point A to B, so the time that splits the past and present apart varies between distances. But yes, it has been measured. All science, no philosophy! 🙂

    Besides, Darwin is holding the stick.

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