Live long and prosper

January 23, 2009 at 7:45 pm (This is my life)

Sci fi is my lord, god and master. For those new to this game, Sci fi stands for science fiction and it’s a type of genre. Basically, if it’s in a futuristic society or involves aliens, it is considered a science fiction show. We have oldies but goldies such as Star Trek, and new series such as stargate and battlestar galactica. Oh, how I love thee Galactica!

There are many shows out there but only this show makes me mad every weekend. The hour spent watching it is fully enjoyed and every episode leaves you craving for more, wishing that you had more episodes to watch. But No! After the episode, you must wait one whole week to see how the show continues and that is where there anger comes in. Imagine reading a book that has you spellbound and right before you find out how it ends, the book vanishes from thin air and all it leaves is a note with the words “See you next week” on it. That is what I go through every weekend! Battlestar galactica is the only show that I can honestly compare to a good book, and if you have seen it and like it then you are without a doubt, a wonderful person.

I might be part Cylon.




  1. Arykah said,

    the first thing i see is Mr. Spock, yay! 😀 And i can really feel what you mean with that post. I truly also HATE “to be continued” and always have. But if one discover a serie wich had already sent 2 seasons, you download it and watch it until your eyes bleed with the lack of this “to be continued” But i rather prefer that then to wait a week, there is nothing more painful then that. And the worst thing? We seem to be in a curve in this society wich brings us back to the 80s, where fantasy and sci-fi were on its peak, leaving even MORE of these disasterus “to be continued” notes as the program is at its end. I hope we will find a solution to this problem in a not to distant future 😀

  2. Farzan Zand said,

    Hahaha I am glad that Mr. Spock catches your attention but then again. Who doesn’t get drawn in to his lovely vulcan eyes? We both have the same philosophy and there is no doubt about that. 🙂

    Watching until my eyes bleed is second nature because if an entire day is spent watching a show you love, it is a day spent well! I have a feeling that you too have entire days devoted to your favorite shows. 🙂

    This curve is at its peak now though, because sci fi i slowly dying out and fantasy is making its return to the scene. Both are good so I don’t really mind. But I sure do miss my space-shows. ^^ Quick question. Name your two favorite shows!

    *Does the vulcan salute*

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