See my vest, see my vest, Made from real gorilla chest

January 2, 2009 at 7:40 am (Californication)

A new year has begun and people have an age old tradition of making promises for the new year. My promises are simple. “keep it real, foshizzle”. Christmas was great and the food was great. Actually, the food was awesome and the amount of joy I feel on christmas day is equivalent with the amount of food on my plate, and there was alot of food on my plate.

New years eve was different though. We ate at a persian restaurant called Shamshir and it was a good start of the day. We decided to spend the last minutes of the year on top of a hill, gazing down on the world and watching the world gaze back on us with awe, envy and lust. We also had a great spot for enjoying the fireworks. Unfortunately, we later found out that fireworks were illegal so the skies were empty. That is not the part of the night that went wrong though. Instead of spending the last moments of the year laughing and smiling, we did something entirely different.

The clock struck 12.00 and where were we? On the bottom of the cliff, being questioned by a police officer. Apparently, it was illegal to go up that cliff at that hour so we got  caught. The last minutes were spent being told to sit on a rock with your hands as he put it “Where I can see them”. I found the whole situation amusing because i’ve never gone through something like that before and we were basically questioned for disobeying a “stay of the lawn” sign.
I actually had fun and I know that I will remember that experience for ever and ever, because when people ask me how I spent my new years eve, I can say that I spent it with a cop, in Los Angeles. Now that’s an experience!





  1. earthwindandliars said,

    Go LAPD!!! Äventyr typiskt för en Hermit 😛 han kollade inte efter bomber eller sprängdeg då?

    ps. nån gång ska du o jag laga äkta perserkattmat även om du inte vet hur man gör 😛

  2. Farzan Zand said,

    haha nej då. De använde inte plasthandsken mot mig heller. 🙂

    Visst vi kan ge det ett försök, men vi får följa ett recept på internet för annars går det inte! 🙂

  3. Sorran said,

    Ahh, me good ol’ ape picture. good indeed,

  4. Farzan Zand said,

    cheeta want a Banana?

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