Lost in hollywood

December 14, 2008 at 8:58 pm (Californication)

All right! I have finally arrived at my destination! I am as we speak, in California, enjoying life to the fullest!  But before I go to the fun, “happy go lucky” part. I must go through what happened at the airport.

As you may have noticed before, I am not blond. It’s true! My hair is as dark as as a black hole and that’s the way I like it. Unfortunately, the Americans tend to disagree. As I landed in the states, I had to go through a check point where they ask you a few questions before they let you in. ( They also take your fingerprints and picture).

First question. “What business do you have in the states?”
– I am here to visit my friends.
Second question. “How long are you going to stay?”
– I am going to stay for a month.
This is the part where he looks at my passport and notices my birthplace, totally ignoring the fact that I a Swedish citizen.
Third question. “Where is, Esfahan?”
At this point, I knew I was screwed but I stayed relaxed and answered that it was a town in Iran. This is the part it gets interesting. The guy pauses for a second and looks at my passport . Probably, staring at my name with fear and paranoia. He then picks up the phone and calls for an escort to a place called the red room. After that person comes, he takes my pass and ticket and puts them in a red folder, then hands it to the guard whom was even bigger than me and the escorting begins. I would not mind this at all, if I did not have a second flight to Los Angeles that left in 2 hours, which I really did not want to miss. But I did, so I was getting annoyed.
After I got into the red room, filled with foreign people that barely knew the language. (No racial profiling my ass). I had to sit and wait for my turn for nearly an hour. When my turn was up, they asked me one stupid question after another. Here are just a few of the ones I had to answer.

– Where I was from.
– What I studied.
– Why I studied.
– My reasons for coming to the states.
– Who are my friends?
and now, this is the part it gets stupid.
– Do I have any terrorist connections?
– Who are my friends? what do they do? why did they come? can you write their names down? How long are they going to stay? What school are they in? Where do they live? My friends are also Persian so that is why he wanted to know all this.
– Why did you come to the states and not another place?
– Which other countries have you visited the last five years?
– Have you been in the middle east recently?
They also went through my suitcase and wallet, asking what my cards in my wallet were.

This went on and on and on. When they finally released me, two hours had nearly passed and I missed my flight. So I had to take another flight, which they paid for which was good, but came several hours later, which was bad. Since I know that people will ask me this, I’ll just say it straight away. I was shaved, held a book and a computer bag, and was dressed in a nice white shirt with a black vest, so I did not really look like I was  about to blow stuff up.  A few other things happened that caught my eye but I need to go out and see the sights. If you still wish to know, I will just tell you in person.

I must say, Los angeles truly is a beautiful place to be in, if you have the money for it.  The weather is warm and sunny and I can actually go out in a T-shirt. I know! It’s insane! Next time, i’ll tell you about my first impressions of this place. Which are actually quite positive!

Californication my friends, Californication.



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