Is beauty existent if nobody is there to enjoy it?

October 12, 2008 at 1:09 am (Ravings, This is my life)

Anna inspired me to write about beauty after reading her writings. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means that what may be beautiful for one person may not be for another. Beauty that speaks to me is the kind of beauty that says “I may not be pretty or perfect, but I am beautiful”. It is the kind of beauty that differs from the norm. People that dare to express themselves in ways that put them emotionally vulnerable are beautiful to me. Society has developed a culture where those that differ from the social rules are frowned upon, but these are the people that fascinate me the most. People that dare think outside the box and show the world what they truly feel inside.

There are billions of planets in the known universe and the distance is so vast it is hard to fathom with the human mind. An endless amount of solarsystems, moons, and planets are in existense all over the universe. But what would happen if us humans were extinct? There would be nobody alive to appreciate the complexity and beauty of the universe. Sure, there may be intelligent life elsewere, but not in our galaxy. The earth, sun, and other planets in the milky way would just exist forever, changing form and doing unimaginable feats without anyone there to see and absorb it’s beauty.

This picture is created by the deviant artist called Trixis. I love her pictures and I find them truly beautiful. If this picture speaks to you, i recommend visiting her website to see other paintings of this caliber. “Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.” So if we disappeared, beauty would disappear with us.



  1. Nilla said,

    well… if the human race were suddenly to be extincte.. i think atleast earth would be a helluva lot more beautiful.. guess then universe’ll just have to appreciate it. ^^’

  2. Anna said,

    1)I reiterate….*sigh*
    thank you for posting about this! I feel so blessed to have awakened this kind of mind bending thought on your page. I love your writings…

    I wonder, is it a sign of pure, human egotism that we are so perplexed by the concept that beauty should exist on it’s own if we were not here? I wonder if robins wonder if worms would come to the surface after a good rain should they go extinct, or if flowers would go grey and homogeneous should bees suddenly die off…

    Would they?
    2) Oh, *dear*…this art! ethereal doesn’t describe it. shivers.

    what a paradox that true beauty exists apart and independent of the observer, and yet, is subjective to the observer?

    is it wrong that I think that that in and of itself is beautiful?

  3. Farzan Zand said,

    I am glad you liked it, you were my muse so you get half the credit. Humans are egotistic by nature. Most of our existence, we thought that it was the sun that revolved around the earth and that everything around us was created for our sake. So it would only be natural that something as abstract as beauty would be seen in the same way. It is part of what makes us human. We have the ability to think of why things exist and the answer is usually a selfish one.

    Trixis sure has her own way of painting, you can feel that she really pours her soul into what she creates and I do not think that your thought is wrong at all. I think that it’s a beautiful thought actually.

  4. Lau said,

    You sure know how to write it Futureboy =) I can’t say that I agree entirely though. Do you suggest that as long as anything that claims itself beautiful you will also find beautiful? I know you are more of a critical thinker than that. But I love that you have your own definition.

    What beauty is has like most so far un-scientific things been explained as “whatever the heck you want it to be” and I totally love it. But unfortunally there are some things that connect all human beings and there will always be things that the majority will call beauty. Few people think that a red rose is something ugly. Some do, but few. And few people fing spiders beautiful. I DON’T. Our perception of beauty is just a product of our society, and the “revolutionarys” that bring us the “true beauty” are also a product, a reaction towards the norm. (we are all puppets and so on blabla).

    Here is a cynical thought that i hope that you might enjoy. If everyone were thinking outside the box, how can we then recognice “beauty”? Boring people must exist for the sake of it. The norm must exist so we have something to argue with, like a stubborn teenager needs it’s lame parent.

    I try to find all things beautiful, but the things that speak to me the most is something similar to Farzan (and maybe we DO mean the same). The closer something is to it’s nature, the more beautiful. A painting close to the thought it is trying to express. A person close to it’s true nature. You know when you read a book and you live yourself in so much that you forget that you are holding it. Of when you meet a personality so real that you forget it is carried by flesh and bones just like you. When you have become totally trickstered, beauty was there.

  5. sorran said,

    well spoken, sir farzan. Jag förstår att du skriver bättre på engelska och att det är roligare, men varför e kommentarerna på engelska, era muppar!! hahah

  6. Farzan Zand said,

    Hahaha, Futureboy. Now that is a nickname I could get used to! No Lau, I do not suggest that someone could claim themselves beautiful, that quote was actually supposed to be said by beauty itself, and not a person, since there are lot’s of objects in reality that is beautiful, but can’t speak and claim that they are.

    It is true that the rose is considered beautiful by most people but the fact that there are still several that can say that they do not find the rose beautiful and still be right proves that beauty is a part of us, and not the object. You are correct when you say that our perception of beauty is a product of our society. It is possible to make a big group think that the rose is as beautiful as a pile of dirt if you raise them the right way.

    Well, if everyone thought outside the box then that would automatically mean that everyone was still in the box. It is a paradox, don’t you just love it?

    “The closer something is to it’s nature, the more beautiful”. I do want to argue with you just for the sake of it, but we are on the same page and I agree with you so sorry Laura, if you expected me to throw verbal fists you should have stopped being right. 🙂

    And Sorran, the blog is in English and a few readers are not Swedish. Besides, you know by now that I like English more than Swedish.


  7. Lau said,

    I still think that true beauty doesn’t have to claim itself beautiful to get recognized. It just needs to claim itself honest. Otherwise it would just become a neverending discussion of “I am beautyful because I am” and we would never reach a definition?

    Hmm so if everybody were thinking inside the box it would be just as good as if everyone would be thinking outside the box? =O What an utopia…

    But yeah…we actually did agree on this one *mope*

  8. Lau said,

    Pardon my shameful spelling

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