Planning on taking over the world with fuzzy squirrels.

October 10, 2008 at 10:07 pm (This is my life)

If you ever wondered what inspired me to name myself the deranged hermit, it was thanks to a blast from my nerdy side. I used to be a really active magic: The gathering player. Which is basically a fantasy themed cardgame where you build your own deck and army if you will, and challenge other players. One of these cards has been in our circle of friends for quite some time and it is a personal favourite of mine.  My decks are mostly white and black and my playstyle is to act like a big itchy needle in a place you can’t reach, which is really fun for me but less fun for my opponent. It is a good thing my friends loves me as I love them, because otherwise they would probably shred my deck to pieces from pure frustration. apparently, this picture is supposed to be me. I hope you like my hair, and my army of squirrels. Obey the squirrels or face their Squirrely wrath!



  1. Anna said,

    1) hahahaHAHAHAhahah…oh, my.

    2) Favorite phrase of the day: “Squirrely Wrath”

  2. sorran said,


  3. Eric Baim said,

    awesome! Geeks of the world unite! I think that was one of the last Magic cards I ever got before I let them start gathering dust in the closet

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