You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?

October 4, 2008 at 10:15 pm (Movies)

Quentin Tarantino is a nut.

I was first planning on writing a good long explanation to why I like him and his movies but I ended up deleting it all because you don’t need to explain why he’s such a genius. All you need to say is that he is a nut and truer words have never been spoken. He has done lots of great movies and they all stick out. My personal favourite is pulp fiction which is the movie I saw tonight. Have you ever seen a movie that makes you go “what the hell?” about thirty times? If so then you have seen pulp fiction. This movie has no actual plot. It follows the “everyday life” of your average criminals and you get to listen in on their conversations which ranges from what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris, to how to best clean out a car splattered with a certain guys “mind power”, and by mind power, I mean brains. Yes… Quentin Tarantino is a nut, and Samuel L Jackson is a genius.



  1. moayad said,

    I remember going out to get a burger and coke every time I saw the Big Kahuna Burger scene. It just made me hungry!

  2. Farooq said,

    I can relive tarantino plots over a thousand times in a thousand places. Dudes got the art of simplifying our acts into frames we see in these movies n we re like…..GOD! This is so real! I just did thiss lat night :s
    Hats off to him!

  3. Will Entrekin said,

    “Lots of great movies”? He’s only written, like, 12, and he’s directed far fewer.

  4. poetwarrior said,

    We’re all gonna act like four little Fonzies…how does Fonzie act?
    Yeah, that’s right bitch. Be cool, bitch, be cool.

  5. farzanzand said,

    Moayad, i know exactly what you mean. They should use that scene in a commercial because it sure would sell! I know i’d buy it. Glad to see that I am not the only person around that likes his movies.
    Farooq, i couldn’t have said it better myself and I actually tried to, but I could not put it in the right context. You did and I will keep what you said in mind next time I tell someone about his movies.

    Will, i do feel that 12 movies is a big number but that is just what I think. If you compare with the biggest directors, such as Spielberg. 12 might not be that many, that is true. But he does have a strong list of successfull movies behind him in which he has taken part of.

    Poet. Be cool, bitch, be cool. 😉 It is actually one of my favourite quotes from the movie.

  6. Anna said,

    (saw your blog article on the homepage of, thought I’d comment 🙂

    This summer I went back home to Cape Cod, MA, and was driving down the mainstreet in Provincetown with a few of my girlfriends. We came up on a crosswalk with a man halfway across, and I quickly stopped for him. He glanced at me, probably to make sure I wasn’t going to hit him.

    That was when my autonomic nervous system took control and I shouted, “OH MY GOD, IT’S QUENTIN TARANTINO!!”

    Did I mention the windows were all down?

    He’s literally three feet from my bumper, and he just gives me the most half-hearted disgusted look. Inside, I was giving myself the same look.

    I wanted to shout, “No! No! I didn’t mean to fawn! I don’t really even like your films!” But it was too late. I was already a peon. Dang!
    That was my brush with greatness.

  7. farzanzand said,

    Haha, Anna I wish I was in the car with you for two reasons! First, I would have gotten the chance to see Quentin Tarantino with my own eyes and that would be swell. And second, we would have screamed out his name in shock together, it only feels half as bad when someone is with you shouting the name. 🙂 He might have given you a disgusted look but that look is practically the only look he can do, and a disgusted look from good ol Quentin is better than no look at all.

    Cheers mate. 🙂

  8. annaeh said,

    is your name farzanzand?
    Anyone that offers to humiliate themselves WITH you is automatically brilliant in my book. Cheers right back.
    I like your blog…especially your writing style! keep it up! Did you just start your blog? I created mine just a few weeks ago…keeps me up increasingly late at night.
    Also, I see that you live in Sweden…are you Swedish?

  9. farzanzand said,

    Close, my name is Farzan Zand. It’s been my name for 22 years now so I am quite fond of it. 🙂 You passed my standards for great people just by saying that you screamed at Quentin from a car, and by reading your blog some, I must say that you sure do have a lot to say. More people should open up their minds like that! I like. Personally, given the right circumstances and the right person next to you, i’d like to think that anything is possible to go through with. Never underestimate the power of two. 🙂 I started my blogg yesterday and I am glad I did. Yes, I am Swedish, well Swedish / Persian. Basically, born in Iran and raised in sweden. 🙂 One question though, what is a climbing harness used for?

  10. Anna said,

    I just discovered the page on wordpress that allows you to track your comment/conversations…wowsa.
    (hence the late reply)

    Born in Iran and raised in Sweden, wowsa again! It sounds so ignorant but your english is perfect, is this yet again the result of living outside the US and being properly educated? And how come you blog in english?

    The climbing harness is for climbing, silly. Rockclimbing, specifically. I’m a complete amateur, I’ve only been to the indoor climbing gym a few times, but it ROCKS (no pun intended). I’m terrified of heights, so it’s thoroughly exhilarating to know you’re safe and nothing can happen. You can push your fear to the side and it’s an amazing feeling.
    What are you into?

  11. Farzan Zand said,

    Haha well I do get that alot. You are correct, a properly educated person outside of the US usually do know how to speak english. But not all of them speak it well but they do understand it. I decided not to spend my life in Sweden and move to California and study next year, so I figured that I might aswell start making the change from swedish to english right away. I just need to get rid of my swedish accent when I speak english but practice makes perfect.

    Haha, bet it does rock. 🙂 Climbing has always been on my to do-list but I never got around to do it. Is it as fun as I think it is? How good is it as a work out? It sure is brave of you do go rockclimbing even though you are terrified of heights.

    I am into many things. I play musical instruments, fantasy, sci fi, reading, a good book is always time well spent. I love lifting weights and I think it is a real good way to relax after a long day of school and I used to do martial arts, but somehow I switched to lifting weights instead. It calms me down after a long day at school. I love to try new things and I have been called mr. random now and then for just doing something they never seen me do before. Basically, I am probably just like you. We are both random and like to experience new things. Am I correct?

  12. Anna said,

    absolutely correct!
    Where in California are you moving to? What school? Yay for international travel! You are so brave…I moved to Central American once for 5 months and learned quite a bit of Spanish, but I was too scared to jump in like you have and immerse myself fully in the language. Too bad, I could be fluent right now…

    Climbing is a FANTASTIC workout– pretty much every muscle in your body, including your fingers and toes. You should try! I started with a beginner safety course– got me hooked.
    Don’t get rid of your accent– women love them! Hope it’s not out of line but if you’re looking for ladies, an accent is a 100% automatic advantage. Ladies love a man with an accent!
    As for random, I am teaching myself the guitar and planning on piercing my own nose this week…all of which would be normal…if I were 15!!

  13. Farzan Zand said,

    Santa Monica for two years and after that I plan on transferring to UCLA or a medical school. I haven’t really decided which one yet. One step at a time! Moving from sweden to america is alot easier than moving from America to Central America since the lifestyle is truly different between those two, but for me. The most that changes is the climate and the language, which I already know. I’d say that you were the brave one.

    I checked around and found a place called klättercentret (climbing central). They have a great wall you can try out, though it costs 140 dollars to get the green card, otherwise they will not let you close. But then again, I could always just go on bouldering. I doubt they require the green card, just to feel things out.

    Hahaha! Yeah i did hear that an accent is always a bonus. It will be fun either way to see how people react. I knew you were random! It sure makes life more fun doesn’t it? go make that guitar sing and a piercing is really attractive!

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